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Your local friendly Barber shop just got better! 

Booking an appointment for your haircut makes sense don't you think? We all have such busy lives these day's, who has time to sit around waiting an hour or more to get in the barber chair? Book it, get in and get out :)

I don't usually have the time to answer the phone so please do register on the site to book yourself in, it's easy and convenient for all, many thanks.

The Barber Shack


What My Customers Think:


Marie: I dread taking my two boy's for a haircut and having to wait for up to an hour, I am so much happier knowing I can book them in after school and know how long I will be, Thank you Cher.


Simon: The Barber Shack is Awesome, If she is busy and you cant wait she will hang on to fit you in after hours, always happy with what she does and how she looks after her customers. Even happier now I can book!


Lucy: So glad we found The Barber Shack! Fantastic stylish cuts and great value. Always really impressed.


Dave: This shop has been taken over by a new owner a few years ago. I'm pleased to say she is the best barber in the area! Trust me, I've tried many other places in Gloucester too.

- About me -

My Choice

I have spent many more years than I care to share cutting hair (not telling) if I told you how long I had been in this trade, then would have to kill you! I still, after all those years.... love my work.

Training in both ladies Hairdressing and Barbering in Coventry and London., managing slaons in Coventry and owning my own salons in Gloucester I now choose mainly to focus on the Barber work. I just love to cut hair!

I now choose an appointment system for my Barber shop, I will not rush my work, I pride myself in offering the best for every client, but also appreciate that time is short for everyone, so I offer an appointment system to suit us all, you get less waiting time for your haircut and I get time to give you my best Barber service.


Thank you for your support.


Cher Fauvél

The Barber Shack


The Barber Shack, Gloucester

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